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Lemongrass N°822 BIO | Caddy - 40g | VE: 8 Einheiten

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A herbal infusion with citrus notes, a common flavor agent in asian cuisine

A naturally refreshing and invigorating caffeine-free herbal infusion with lively citrus aroma and sweet, thirst quenching flavor. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, this feel-good elixir soothes both body and spirit.

citrus, grass, ginger

  • Lemongrass
Quantity Temperature Time
Quantity Temperature Time
2 tsp / 250 ml 100° C / 212° F 1st infusion 5 min.
2nd infusion 5 min.

Lemongrass is a versatile plant found in herbal medicine cabinets around the world. It is commonly used in essential oils as an agent to soothe and balance, while its tart and lemony flavour is enjoyed in culinary dishes, particularly in the orient.

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