Black Tea

1876 N°511 | Aroma Bag - 50g | CP: 8 Units

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A Keemun, well-known black tea from China

A great year for tea lovers, 1876 is when the first Keemun made its debut. And what a magical revelation to the palate: Wine, plum, pine, and smoke mingle with orchid floral notes in a complex, sweet cup that satisfies and surprises in equal measures.

dried plum, pine, rose

  • Black tea
2 tsp / 250 ml90° C / 195° F1st infusion 3 min.
2nd infusion 3 min.

Hold the milk and sugar! Or so the Chinese would advise, who prefer their Keemun, or Qi Men red tea, pure and unadulterated to let the distinctive flavors “sing.” Legend has it that the tea was developed by a hapless Chinese official who, after losing his job, learned the secrets of black tea production. By 1876 the first Keemun was produced and quickly won over the British, who made it a key ingredient of their English Breakfast tea blend. Start your day with this wonderfully expressive symphony of flavors ranging from wine, plums, pine and smoke all the way to luscious floral notes – a tea that will captivate the palate with a character as bold as it is pleasing.

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