Green Tea

Daikoku N°317 BIO | Aroma Bag - 250g | CP: 1 Unit

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A lightly shaded Japanese green tea that retains the freshness of a sencha

Each of these pine-green leaves captures a full-bodied palate of fresh flavors, making it the perfect sencha for daily indulgence. Harmonious billows of umami and tomato round off with a pleasing astringent nudge, finding fans amongst connoisseurs and green tea novices alike.

grassy, tomato, subtle sweet, umami

  • Green tea*

*certified organic

Quantity Temperature Time
Quantity Temperature Time
2 tsp / 250 ml 70° C / 160° F 1st infusion 60 sec.
2nd infusion 60 sec.
3rd infusion 90 sec.

Named after the Japanese god of wealth and prosperity, this excellent green tea from Japan's renowned Shizuoka region is the perfect match for those seeking a high-quality kabusecha for every day without having to raid their college funds. The equably shaped, medium-length leaves produce an astonishingly full-bodied liquor with subtle notes of nori seaweed – a mark of any good kabusecha. Bright, green, and shot through with fine, pine-green leaf particles, Daikoku is sure to delight with its hint of sweetness and delicate astringency. A treasure chest of flavors, the cup even yields surprising notes of rich tomato when brewed at lower temperatures.

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