Mount Olympus N°824 | Aroma Bag - 50g | CP: 8 Units

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A warming Greek mountain tea with immune-boosting benefits

This invigorating herbal Greek Mountain tea blend supports general health and self-healing functions. Replete with an abundance of adaptogenic herbs and vibrant splashes of citrus and mint, this cup will provide body and soul with a welcome burst of vitality

sweet, citrus, mildly aromatic

  • greek mountain tea
  • fennel
  • orange peel
  • lemongrass
  • eucalyptus leaves
  • sweet blackberry leaves
  • moringa leaves
  • lemon peel
  • spearmint
  • goji berries
  • sea buckthorn berries
  • sunflower blossoms
    Quantity Temperature Time
    Quantity Temperature Time
    2 tsp / 250 ml 100° C / 212° F 1st infusion 2 min.
    2nd infusion 3 min.

     An avowed favorite of ancient Greek philosopher and plant-medicine pioneer Hippocrates, the aromatic green mountain herb native to Greece, Sideritis Scardica, has for centuries been cherished for its numerous health benefits including having anti-inflammatory properties, aiding digestion, relieving stress symptoms, boosting immunity, supporting the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and promoting general well-being. Convinced by this amazing botanical, we have created a powerful recipe of Greek Mountain Tea complemented by a variety of other adaptogenic ingredients including eucalyptus, moringa, goji, sea buckthorn, mint, lemongrass and fennel, for a stimulating and flavourful cup

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