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Natsu Bancha N°329 | Aroma Bag - 250g | CP: 1 Unit

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A Japanese green tea made from mature leaves

Bancha refers to a tea plucked in late season after the Sencha harvests, when the leaves are firmer and bigger. In Japan it is a daily consumption green tea which comes in many grades. Our Bancha is of a premium quality from the famous tea growing region around Kyoto.

snap peas, nutty, smooth

  • Green tea
Quantity Temperature Time
Quantity Temperature Time
2 tsp / 250 ml 80° C / 175° F 1st infusion 90 sec.
2nd infusion 60 sec.


Although synonymous with daily life in Japan, our Bancha is anything but commonplace. This Bancha comes from one of Japan's oldest tea growing regions, home to the world-famous tea gardens located just south of historic Kyoto city. Bancha typically comprises leaves harvested from growth late into the season, characterized by the slightly larger and firmer leaves taken from the lower part of the plant. Our Natsu Bancha is particularly special: it’s an "Aracha", or raw tea. Most Japanese tea leaves are sorted according to size and blended post-plucking to determine the tea’s taste. This tea is more authentic by comparison, as it comes directly from the garden as-is, processed raw. The coarser stems and leaves used for bancha also impart less caffeine relative to other Japanese green teas.