Konomi Do Matcha N°321Konomi Do Matcha N°321

Grüner Tee

Konomi Do Matcha N°321

A finely ground green tea of the highest grade for ceremonial use

Shinto Matcha N°320Shinto Matcha N°320

Grüner Tee

Shinto Matcha N°320

Matcha, a finely ground organic Japanese green tea for daily enjoyment

Matcha Starter KitMatcha Starter Kit


Matcha Starter Kit

An all-inclusive set of matcha powder, bowl, whisk, strainer and spoon

Chasen blondeChasen blonde


Chasen blonde

A matcha whisk carved from bamboo for best possible matcha foam

Chashaku blondeChashaku blonde


Chashaku blonde

A matcha spoon made of bamboo for traditional matcha preparation

Matcha StrainerMatcha Strainer


Matcha Strainer

A stainless steel matcha strainer for perfect matcha preparation

Saisho BowlSaisho Bowl


Saisho Bowl

A stoneware matcha bowl with a natural pattern glaze: Holds 300 ml

Matcha Absolute Beginner SetMatcha Absolute Beginner Set


Matcha Absolute Beginner Set

Matcha set for beginners with Shinto matcha powder, whisk and strainer

Mahō Matcha N°308Mahō Matcha N°308

Grüner Tee

Mahō Matcha N°308

A finely ground Japanese green tea for culinary purpose

Whisk to
Crafted from a single piece of bamboo, the chasen is also known as the matcha whisk. Its purpose is to coax matcha into a velvety consistency, as matcha powder can clump when introduced to water. In your matcha bowl, combine tea powder and hot water, then begin whisking. Once a smooth, frothy layer forms, gracefully remove the whisk to complete the ritual.
Where smoothness meets vibrancy - iced matcha latte is on everyone’s lips. Start by whisking your matcha with slightly less water, yielding a thicker, emerald green liquid. Pour it over your choice of milk and ice cubes. Savor the moment.

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