Brave New Earl - N°711


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CitrusOrangeFresh pineMalt
Select Variant: Caddy - 90g brews 45 cups


A case of genteel one-upmanship, this bold twist on the classic Earl Grey is inspired by the fancy for a refreshing, juniper-endowed gin and tonic under the Indian sun from where this black tea hails.


Indian black tea* (56.1 %), Chinese green tea with jasmine* (30 %), juniper berries* (10 %), tea flowers*, bergamot oil*, bergamot bits* (*certified organic)

Quantity Temperature Time
2 tsp / 250 ml 90° C 1 infusion 3 min.
2 infusion 3 min.

Background Knowledge

In developing the Master Blends line, we set out to bring back the original magic of the tea blending tradition while adding our own contemporary aromatic twists. With a nose for inspiring flavors, our collection of organic Master Blends elevates tea to new and exciting heights. Each original recipe weaves together a masterful palette of all-natural ingredients to highlight and celebrate the essence of tea. The P & T Master Blends line features organic tea and herbal blends which were created using fine teas pairing them with pure aromatic ingredients such as flowers, herbs & spices, dried vegetables, and seeds.

Tasting Notes

citrus, orange, fresh pine, malt

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