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A true rags-to-riches story, this "people's tea" once relegated to the poor has climbed the ranks to become a delicacy on its own merits. Our blend of roasted sweet rice and fine sencha is a hearty, everyday favourite encapsulating genmaicha’s quintessential toasty essence.


Japanese green tea*, brown rice (roasted)* (*certified organic)

Quantity Temperature Time
1 ½ tsp / 250 ml 80° C 1 infusion 2 min.
2 infusion 2 min.

Background Knowledge

Ready for a savory delight? Originally a poor man’s tea, due to the roasted rice being used to “fill” or “stretch” the tea, genmaicha, the “people’s tea,” has long since advanced to a class of its own and remains a popular staple in Japan. Due to its lower caffeine content, genmaicha can be drunk in large quantities any time of the day and serves well paired with food or as a hearty beverage able to curb the appetite. Like its namesake in Tanazaki's novel, Naomi, The Great Joji adds a touch of brazen fun to the hallowed tradition of Japanese sencha with its popcorn-like kernels of roasted rice that set a lively visual contrast and imbue this mild steep with fragrant hints of roasted coffee beans.

Tasting Notes

popcorn, toast, seaweed

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