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Greek mountain tea, also called shepherd's tea or Greek verbena, is a highly aromatic beverage that has been appreciated for centuries. The gorgeous, large flowers are steeped to create a radiant golden-yellow flavor sensation. We enhance its natural citrus aromas with orange peel and eucalyptus leaves, and complete the rich herbal blend with fennel seeds and sweet blackberry leaves.


Greek mountain tea* (35 %), fennel*, citrus peel* (14 %), lemongrass*, sweet blackberry leaves*, sea buckthorn berries*, goji berries*, spearmint* (2 %), moringa leaves*, sunflower blossoms* (*certified organic)

Quantity Temperature Time
2 tsp / 250 ml 100° C 1 infusion 2 min.
2 infusion 3 min.

Background Knowledge

In developing the Master Blends line, we set out to bring back the original magic of the tea blending tradition while adding our own contemporary aromatic twists. With a nose for inspiring flavors, our collection of organic Master Blends elevates tea to new and exciting heights. Each original recipe weaves together a masterful palette of all-natural ingredients to highlight and celebrate the essence of tea. The P & T Master Blends line features organic tea and herbal blends which were created using fine teas pairing them with pure aromatic ingredients such as flowers, herbs & spices, dried vegetables, and seeds.

Tasting Notes

sweet, soft, delicate

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