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A refreshing, vitamin C rich hibiscus herbal infusion from Malawi
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After blooming, the hibiscus flower remains on the tree only for a day. This fact has granted its blossoms a mystical symbolism in different cultures. An intense pink-colored infusion comes to us from Malawi, where a small farmer community carefully removes the bright calyx of the flower by hand. Its taste, a mix of sour and sweet, makes it refreshing and thirst quenching.


Hibiscus tea


Quantity Temperature Time
3 tsp / 250 ml 100° C 1 infusion 5 min.

Background Knowledge

The magnificent hibiscus with hundreds of blooms, a splash of deep red that lasts for just one day has received a rich cultural significance and fascination. Take the Red Hibiscus flower worn behind the ear to hint at a woman’s marital status in Hawaii, or as a banned aphrodisiac in once Ancient Egypt for it made women toy around with lust. Such passionate stories and sensual symbols of this red flower has attracted widespread attention, and all for better. Hibiscus is considered a plant with a lot of medicinal properties and is highly regarded as an ayurvedic herb that balances body temperature and high blood pressure. The sun-dried, magenta flowers infuse a luscious cup with a sour-sweet flavor that is incredibly refreshing and gives plenty of Vitamin C, which has made it a go-to herbal tea for common cold symptoms.

Tasting Notes

hibiscus, pomegranate, cranberry