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White peachCocoa butterSweet
A white tea of pure buds styled after the Chinese Silver Needle
Select Variant: Caddy - 30g brews 15 cups


“Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Roosevelt’s famed motto could well be the slogan of this exceptional white tea from the verdant slopes of Mount Kenya. Pale yet potent, this aromatic cup releases a full-bodied firework of fruity-floral aromas with a soft, cocoa butter finish.


Kenyan white tea

Quantity Temperature Time
2 ½ tsp / 250 ml 90° C 1 infusion 3 min.
2 infusion 3 min.

Background Knowledge

Estates from India and Nepal to Africa have begun to grow their own, unique white tea specialties all along the spectrum of our favorite drink‘s lighter shades. This particular – and award-winning – first-flush variant hails from Kenya and is a prime example of how the Chinese orthodox tradition is spawning new and exciting variants of beloved classics. This silver needle, or sindano in Swahili, contains only the tenderest buds of the early spring harvest, sun-dried at low temperatures to retain its unique flavor and beautiful white down. As with all gems, this one was not the easiest to find, though its intriguingly complex flavor profile makes it well worth the effort – see, sip and savor for yourself.

Tasting Notes

white peach, cocoa butter, sweet

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