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A rare and limited black tea of the highest grade from South Korea
Select Variant: Caddy - 60g brews 30 cups


Straight from Korea’s Hadong Mountains, this black tea specialty relies on a unique double oxidation, rounded off by intensive roasting, for its sweetly smoky umami flavors. The resulting tea’s strong character and special aroma make it particularly suited for fine cuisine.


South Korean black tea

Quantity Temperature Time
2 tsp / 250 ml 90° C 1 infusion 2 min.
2 infusion 2 min.

Background Knowledge

Kim Ki-duk's vivid depiction of the eternal cycle of seasons, 'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring', could well have inspired this outstanding Korean black tea rarity. Plucked and processed entirely by hand in the stunning setting of the Hadong Mountains, this one-of-a-kind specialty yields an incredible five steeps – each as rich and full-bodied as the first. In order to achieve such aromatic longevity, the leaves undergo a prolonged, double oxidation kick-started by fresh, early-morning dew. A vigorous roasting rounds off its complex flavor with booming notes of hearty malt. Subtle whiffs of wild greens and vanilla and its soft cocoa finish make this black tea a delicacy to be savored time and time again.

Tasting Notes

cocoa, peanut, caramel, sesame, earthy

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