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Dark chocolateCaramelMaltyBlack pepper
A timely honored Dian Hong, a high quality black tea from Yunnan
Select Variant: Caddy - 40g brews 20 cups


A standout example from China’s foremost black tea region, Yunnan Gold appeals to gourmets and connoisseurs alike with its striking golden tips. A bright and beautiful wake-up call, this hidden gem indulges the palate with rich, malty waves of dark chocolate and caramel.


Chinese black tea

Quantity Temperature Time
2 tsp / 250 ml 90° C 1 infusion 3 min.
2 infusion 4 min.

Background Knowledge

China's southwestern province of Yunnan, situated "south of the clouds," is one of the said regions of origin of the tea tree. Home to the large-leafed camellia sinensis assamica, it is these buds and tender leaves that are processed entirely by hand in early spring to produce an exceptional black tea variety – famous for its natural honey-sweetness and its gilded beauty. Picked at altitudes of up to 2100 m (6900 ft.), the golden tips not only boast an extra-high content of amino acids and invigorating caffeine, but also delight connoisseurs and gourmets alike with rich, malty waves of dark chocolate and caramel.

Tasting Notes

dark chocolate, caramel, malty, black pepper

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