Sprite's Delight N°717Sprite's Delight N°717

Grüner Tee

Sprite's Delight N°717

A green tea blend with a spritz of strawberry and a dash of basil

From €8,25
Perfect Day N°719Perfect Day N°719

Weißer Tee

Perfect Day N°719

A blend of white tea with drifts of apricot, apple and elderflower

From €8,25
My Dear BottleMy Dear Bottle


My Dear Bottle

A P & T branded insulated To-Go bottle with the My Dear motto print

My Dear Tote BagMy Dear Tote Bag


My Dear Tote Bag

A P & T branded cotton tote bag with the favourite My Dear motto print

Brewing MugBrewing Mug


Brewing Mug

All-in-one tea cup made from borosilicate glass with infuser

Nomad bottleNomad bottle


Nomad bottle

Insulated glass bottle for brewing and drinking tea on the go: 240 ml

Tea Geek Tote BagTea Geek Tote Bag


Tea Geek Tote Bag

A P & T branded white cotton tote bag with a black tea types print

Brewing Mug LargeBrewing Mug Large


Brewing Mug Large

An all-in-one borosilicate glass cup with removeable strainer and lid

Nomad Bottle BlackNomad Bottle Black


Nomad Bottle Black

The tea bottle is made of heat-resistant glass and stainless steel

My Dear Brewing Mug LargeMy Dear Brewing Mug Large


My Dear Brewing Mug Large

An all-in-one borosilicate glass cup with a removeable strainer

There's a biting cold outside. No problem, as you have your stylish ‚MY DEAR BOTTLE’ with you, keeping you warm with hot tea during your outdoor adventure. Discover your PAPER & TEA accessory that spoils you with cozy moments at any hour. With it, there's no reason to leave the winter wonderland unexplored!
A crisp winter day begins, and you kick it off with a sip of your favorite tea, feeling energized. Warm sunbeams gently glisten on a blanket of snow while you get inspired by the breathtaking nature. Whether it's an exciting adventure or a peaceful setting, with our PAPER & TEA TO GO product world, your day becomes a perfect sensory delight. No matter where you are.

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