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Active Cold Brew Set | CP: 4 Units

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A set of cylinder pot and two teas to get started with cold-brew tea

Cold brewing tea is a new and puristic preparation technique that has gained immense popularity all across Asia. The great thing about these slower and gentler infusions is that you’ll find the results often yield a whole new spectrum and intensity of aromas in comparison to a hot brew of the same tea. Our Active Cold Brew Set has everything needed to delve into this brewing method: from the sleek Cylinder Pot with built-in strainer to two of our classic cold brew teas and easy-to-use instructions that will help you prepare that perfect cold brew infusion.

  • Cylinder Pot Large Glass teapot 1,000 ml
  • Pu Er Bai Ya White tea 50 g
  • Kumano Green tea 50 g
  • "This is how we do it" brewing instructions
  • Gift-Box

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